Heart & Soul Surrender

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We're born to enjoy solitude, be in community, and do ministry.

"May the Lord direct your hearts into God's love and Christ's perseverance" (2 Thessalonians 3:5).

Pre-Marital Counseling and Weddings

       Let's make your wedding a memorable; one of a kind day as it should be.  I'm able to officiate your wedding in a hall, your
   back yard, a park, in your home, or wherever you'd like.  Here are some comments from some recent weddings.
        "Cheryl was able to take what we discussed in our pre-marital counseling sessions and work it into our wedding so our
   ceremony was truly personal.  By starting off the wedding day with such beautiful words and messages throughout the
   ceremony she touched not only us, but also our guests creating one of the most memorable days of our lives.  We will be
   sure to recommend her to anyone who plans to get married in the future."  ~ Peter and Afton Swanson, Woodbury, MN -
   Sales Manager - Trnity Exteriors, Inc. and Afton, Visual Merchandiser - Ashley Furniture and Furniture Mart
        "Cheryl had the best understanding of the course of events leading up to our wedding that we could have hoped for. 
   Rather than just celebrating the event, she helped us all celebrate the journey that brought us there.  She viewed the
   wedding as an important marker along the long path of life - an event that resulted from the joining of two souls rather than
   a happening that was the cause of it.  What a special and meaningful day... and she conducted the orchestra." ~ Mark and
   Michele Anderson, New Richmond, WI - Mark, President Anderson Brower & Associates, Inc. and Michele, Office Manager St.
   Croix Oral Maxillofacial and Implant Surgery 
         "Cheryl, Thank you so much for being our officiant!  It was really meaningful (and special) to have someone who knew us
   and had so many connections to us!  We received so many great compliments from family and friends about how personal the
   ceremony was - so fun to let our guests get to know us a little better and we loved the puzzle theme!  Thank you so much from
   the bottom of our hearts!  We will definitely pass your name along and recommend you to others!  God bless!"  ~ Adam
   Johnson and Lindsay Johnson Wells, Lake Elmo, MN - Adam, Engineer and Lindsay, Family Lawyer 
        "Cheryl did a great job officiating a recent wedding I attended.  It was very apparent that she put a lot of time and energy
   into crafting a ceremony that was personal and heartfelt.  She took the time to get to know the couple and was able to
   incorporate pieces of thier history into the celebration of their marriage." ~ Katie Galvin, Stillwater, MN - Proposal
   Coordinator at 3M

Spiritual Direction Individual or group

        Ruth Bell Graham (1983).  Committ to God, 581.  Abstract obtained from NIV, Women's Devotional Bible, 2015.  "We can
   committ our load unto God and let Him carry our heavy burdens.  We are to committ and trust to God: ourselves, our
   burden, our souls, our way, our cause, and our works."
        I'm currently doing an individual and a  small group spiritual direction internship.  I'll be taking on directees in the spring-
    time, 2017.  Please call to save your space as I'll only have so many spaces to fill.  I'd like to walk beside you on your journey!
        Spiritual direction is about your prayer and God's activity in your life as well as how you respond to the Holy Spirit's
    activity within and amongst you!  
        From a recent former team leader - "Cheryl, you would make a great spiritual director! Your energy and your spirituality
   helped energize and encourage all of us to strive to do more. You are a beautiful person and we will miss working with you. I
   hope that whatever you decide to do will be successful and rewarding. Take care my friend and please ask if you need a
   reference.  ~ Peace2u, Pastor Tim Miller"  ~ WI Rapids, WI.  

Speaking Engagements

        The messages are all focused on God's presence in our lives. "For in you is the fountain of life; in your light we see
   light" (Pslam 36:9).  We're to be God's light to others and how can we do that when we ourselves are living in the darkness?
   Be a light in the darkness! 
        I've spoken in numerous churches and to several groups, and also to small groups.  I look forward to coming to speak with
   your small group, or at an adult forum, doing a sermon for your congregation, or I'm willing to help with a retreat.  Let me
   know  what your needs are and we'll make it happen.  God always receives all of the glory!
       From recent speaker attendees - "Hi Cheryl, you gave your heart, mind, and soul to your job because you lived it and live it
   still as a calling from Christ our Lord.  What a pleasure it has been to work with you.  We all enjoyed the presentations you
  gave at both of our high schools for the 2 days you joined us.  Blessings and great big hug from afar, PJ" ~ Pastor John
  Hobbins, Oshkosh, WI.
       "Cheryl was a very engaging speaker.  She connected with our group through her real life experiences and inititated group
  discussions throughout her talk by asking questions; thought provoking questions.  When she was finished speaking she
  made sure we knew how to contact her and she did keep in touch with a few of us, touching base every now and again, to
  make sure we had someone to talk to if needed." ~ Melissa Clarke, MOPS Coordinator, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church,
  Burnsville, MN. 

Baptisims and Funerals

   The Beginning and the end and the beginning... 

         Baptism -  Your individual journey begins with God.  "...and you became mine" (Ezekiel 16:8).  This should be one of the
         most precious celebrations of a person's life whether it be infant, child, or an adult baptism.  Believe - your gift is life
         eternal, His promise is forever!   

         Death - "Even though I walk through the  valley of the shadow of death..." (Psalm 23)  Death of a loved one is
         unimaginable!  A funeral is a celebration of your loved one's life!  It should be joyful, personal, and grace filled with the
         Holy Spirit of your loved one.  I"ll take the time to walk with you through this difficult  time .  I'lll do all I can to make their
         celebration a mirror image of their life!  I'm a member of the National Home Funeral Alliance.  A home funeral can be
         very small, quaint, respectful, and inexpensive while still celebrating your loved one's life.  I also will do your service at a
         funeral home of your choosing.     

         Bereavement - If you're seeking solace and peace for your loved ones or your family, I'd be happy to walk alongside of
         you to help in their end moments; easing you and your loved one's transition.  We will pray, read scripture, maybe sing a
         song, and share stories; it's up to you and your loved one.